Inkbird Officially Releases BBQ GO Series IBT-2X
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Shenzhen, China - November 1, 2016  Inkbird tech Co., Ltd, a company which dedicates its passion in producing and marketing of intelligent home automation products, today announces the release of BBQ GO series IBT-2X. 

BBQ GO series are designed to make the best dishes, especially for BBQ. No matter if you are a professional chef or a home cook, our bluetooth BBQ thermometer will ensure your cooking to perfection! 

IBT-2X is the first product of the BBQ GO series. You can set  the thermometer to the temperature of your choice and keeping precise track of the temperature from your smartphone. The temperature alarms will make the cooking and temperature control easy for you and the excellent craftsmanship will allow you to enjoy this cooking thermometer for the many years to come. BBQ GO grilling thermometer is equipped with a resilient stainless steel probe, a timer and temperature alarm that will let you know when your food is ready! No more worries! 

What are you waiting for? Get your meat grilling thermometer today and one as a housewarming gift to a beloved family member. 

For more details about the product, please Click Here, or you can simply email us at for any enquiries.