Inkbird Officially Releases New Programmable Thermostat C206T
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Shenzhen, China-November 28, 2016  Inkbird tech Co., Ltd, a company which dedicates its passion in producing and marketing of intelligent home automation products, today announces the release of our new outlet thermostat C206T. 

C206T is a heating output temperature controller (No Cooling Controller) specifically for breeding and planting. With its plug-n-play design, it can easily controls the temperature of your heat device, providing constant optimum temperature for the physiological needs of animals and plants. C206T can be widely used in over-heat protection and automatic temperature control system of all sorts of electrical equipment for aquarium, pets breeding, hatching, fungus fermenting, and seed germination accelerating, etc.

C206T lets you to control your desired environment temperature. You can set the day and night temperature independently to connect your heat equipment, set the temperature that you want to maintain. With large output power 1,100W(10A) /1500W(13.5A), it’s suitable for most applications.

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