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Wifi Thermometer IBBQ-4T FAQs
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Q: How can I connect the IBBQ-4T with my phone?
A: Click here to get the detailed connection steps for IBBQ-4T.

Q: How can I quickly start to use IBBQ-4T?

A: You can download our IBBQ-4T user manualand use it according to the instructions.

Q: IBBQ-4T does not connect to mobile phone.

A: 1. If you use the iPhone, please log in to icloud first.
    2. The phone is connected to the 2.4GHz wifi, the location permission is turned on.
    3. Press the power button of the thermometer quickly for 3 times, then the Wi-Fi icon of the device will blink rapidly.
    4. Please put the IBBQ-4T close to the wifi router and phone.
    5. Pair it on Inkbird pro app, please make sure the Wifi password is correct.
    6. Make sure the encryption method of wifi router was WPA/ WPA2-PSK.
    7. Wireless protocol: 802.11 b / g / n, please do not set to 11n only.
    8. Make sure the battery of IBBQ-4T was fully charged.
    9. If still cannot work, please reboot the wifi router and test with another phone.
    10. Click here to get the detailed connection steps for IBBQ-4T.

Q: How to switch the flashing status (speed)of BBQ device's Wi-Fi icon into Fast Flash or Slow Flash mode?
A: Press the BBQ device button three times quickly to switch the device between Fast Flash and Slow Flash mode. (After switching the pairing mode, please wait for about 5 seconds to let device and WiFi icon respond normally.)

Q: I have 5Ghz for wifi, can it work with IBBQ-4T?
A: Sorry no, the IBBQ-4T only works in the 2.4Ghz wifi router (wifi router needs to connect Internet). If you use a dual-band router, please kindly disable the 5G network.

Q: Why does the Wi-Fi light disappear?
A: 1. The device may be too far away from the wireless router, and the signal is weak and cannot be connected.
    2. The Wi-Fi password is wrong and cannot be connected. Please re-pair.

Q: Can I access the current temperature from anywhere in the world thanks to wifi as long as I have an internet connection?
A: You can monitor the temperature with Inkbird Pro Apps at any time, no matter where you are, as long as you have a network connection. Once you have completed the initial setup and use, there is no distance limited. After the device has been set up, it is permanently connected to the access point / router in order to send the data to the cell phone. The thermometer also connects to the cloud, it was easy to control the temperature sensors on the cell phone remotely (outside the home and only connected via the mobile network, no VPN connection to the home network was necessary).

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