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Temperature Controller​ ITC-308 FAQs
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Q: The temperature probe should be ok in fresh or salt water. It could not fit temporarily now. Can it be used to control a 12 volt DC 600 watt, water heating element to keep water in livestock water trough from freezing?
A: We have one ITC-1000 12V. But you need to wire it. But only work for 120W device.

Q: Can I use this as temperature controller for my aquarium? As chilling fan power and heating power.
A: Yes, it can do it. thanks. 

Q: Can I use this for a heat lamp in a closet? I want it to heat to 93 degrees then shut the lamp off.
A: Yes, it can.

Q: Can I put the temperature probe in water, long-term? 
A: Yes, it can be in water.

Q: Would this work with a inline fan for coolin and a small heater for heating in my growroom?
A: It can do this job well. Please go ahead. 

Q: Can you remove the stainless steel case if you dont plan to put the probe in water?
A: No. It can't 

Q: Can the sensor be submerssed in water? I want to use this in an aquarium with a heater pugged in.
A: Yes, of course. Many customer use it in aquarium. 

Q: Can this devise work on a dog house to control heater and fan cooling?
A: Yes. It can. But be sure your heater or cooling won't be over its power.

Q: Can this be used to control heaters on both channels?
A: This item can't control both heaters. It designed for one heating output and one cooling output. For both heating output, you can check our new model ITC-306T.

Q: I was thinking on getting this for heating my greenhouse. When it gets down to set temp it will heat it up to set temp and turn off. Will this work?
A: Yes, ITC-308 can do this well. 

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