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Temperature Controller​ ITC-310T FAQs
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Q: Is the temp probe waterproof? I want to use it for Souis V. cooking.
A:  It can be soaked into water. Waterproof grade is IP68. It can fit for Souis Vide. 

Q: Will this unit work on a 400 watt smoker?
A:  Check the amp load of your smoker and your temperature point. It measure up to 248 ℉.

Q: Will this work to convert chest freezer to fridge?
A:  Yes it will. You can use this unit to keep the temperature very steady at any set point. 

Q: Can I use this to control a blower on my, bbq Pitt to control heat?
A: Yes, be cautious as to placing probe. Not sure the limit of the probe. Might not be able to take the heat. These units are fantastic for ease of use. This one has program features that might be much if you want to turn off and on a fan. 

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